Presenting...‘Special Slices’ - An Inclusive Art Exhibition

This May, Xiersen proudly presents ‘Special Slices’ – an art exhibition showcasing slices of life from very special people!

"Exhibiting Special Slices of life to bring about

awareness, acceptance and opportunity."

‘Special Slices’ brings together amazing artwork from all walks of life, celebrating the creativity of both student and professional artists. This inclusive exhibition boasts an impressive collection of original artworks from Chinese students with special needs, including the first solo art show of a gifted 13-year-old autistic artist from the Shanghai Pudong New Area Special Education School (PDFD).

Xiersen has teamed up with several of our community partners to bring you this special event. We are a local NGO whose mission is “to improve the condition of special education in China” and we are focused on building awareness and creating acceptance. At the heart of this exhibition is the launch of Xiersen’s new AWARE campaign.

Xiersen’s new AWARE campaign highlights the vocational and social opportunities/challenges for adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). In China, there are millions of people with intellectual disabilities. According to the Second National Census of the Disabled in 2006, the latest verifiable statistics, the employment rate for intellectually disabled people was less than 10 percent, the lowest among all disabled groups. Experts estimate that the figure has not changed in the decade since.

A lot more needs to be done and creativity is always important to bring focus on this critical situation. Together with Gen Z Group, an educational media company based in Singapore, and popular Chinese manga artist REVOLVER 转轮手枪 (曲志国), Xiersen aims to address the lack of awareness and understanding of these special individuals by portraying slices of their lives through manga!

Adults with intellectual disabilities thrive if given a chance. Xiersen will do our part to support this very special community.

We invite you to join us and do your part! Visit our inclusive-awareness art exhibition to learn more…

This ‘Special Slices’ art exhibition will include:

  • Over 50 pieces of original artwork from Chinese special needs schools, such as the Shanghai Pudong New Area Special Education School (PDFD), Shanghai Minhang Qizhi School and Hangzhou Yanglingzi
  • Xiersen AWARE sleeves photo wall
  • Artworks from 花花田 Art Studio and GreyWalls Art Studios 灰墙艺术空间 for auction
  • An exciting introduction to the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and the possibilities it has for this special community
  • Collaborative projects that highlight how Xiersen’s community partners, such as Starry Sky and Golden Tulip Hotel, have been supporting the special needs community
  • A pop-up gift store selling unique products designed with artworks by special artists.
  • Last but not least, the premier of Xiersen’s AWARE manga!! Including a Q&A session with the famous manga artist during our Opening Ceremony!

Each piece is special & Each artist is unique

Five Different Themed Art Zones

  • Awareness: manga on special slices of life of adults with ID
  • Education: spotlight on successful specials artists around the world and their works
  • Inclusion: amazing artwork by student artists from local special needs schools
  • Inspiration: selected artworks by student and professional artists
  • Support: collaborative projects that feature unique ways community partners show support

Contact to learn more about our AWARE campaign and how you can do your part to support China’s special needs community.

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